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A gameplay image of Blind Vision

Blind Vision

Haptics Feedback Exploration

How can video games work without visuals? How can haptic feedback enrich the experience?

  • Bachelor's Degree
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A gameplay image of sys:logic


In logic we trust

Reconnect entity with logic modules, sensor, and actors to drive their behaviour.

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A gameplay image of Vitruv


Hide to help

Sneak up to the big robot to help it.

  • 6th semester
  • Third Person Stealth Walking Simulator
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A gameplay image of Blight Voice

Blight Voice

Bound by fate, the destiny of two worlds lies in your hands.

Blight Voice is a 3D Platformer. In Blight Voice you slip into the role of a brave boy and his small companion. They are bound together supporting each other on their way.

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A gameplay image of Trimeris


Discover the clues

You wake up in an unknown environment. A strange, strong vibration is radiating from the center. The center is made out of cubes. When the tool in your hand is pointed against one of them, you can feel an all encompassing vibration…

  • 4th semester
  • First Person Multiplayer Puzzle
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A gameplay image of Statera


A game of balance

Statera is a game about balance. Balance your nature consuming civilisation with the surrounding habitat. You need to ensure the survival of your population at all costs.

  • 4th semester
  • First Person Exploration Strategy Game
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A gameplay image of Broken Time

Broken Time

Another cog in the machine

Control the flow of time to jump through the levels.

  • 37th Godot Wild Jam (Inside the machine)
  • Puzzle Plattformer
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A gameplay image of CityNet Connect

CityNet Connect

Connect me.

Build and maintain an internet network. Ensure full connectivity at all times, at cheapest cost. Work for CityNet with CityNet Connect.

  • Prototype
  • Build-Up, Strategy, and Management Game
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A gameplay image of Galactical Outpost

Galactical Outpost

Rescue humanity into orbit

Year 2104. Earth is three degrees to hot. Despite the ambitious plans in the early 21st century, humanity has not managed to preserve a future on earth.

  • HTW application
  • Build-Up Game
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A gameplay image of Hear the Exit

Hear the Exit

Follow your ears

How do video games work without video? What is required to enable blind people to play a computer game? In Hear the Exit, I tested an audible and haptic feedback approach.

  • Prototype
  • Maze Game
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A gameplay image of Ijaara


Explore a lost tech bunker

You crossed this forgotten Ijaara facility. You have to find a way to reenable the power system in order to procede. Do you uncover the truth?

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